Academic Translation

Humanities, Social Sciences, Pedagogy

My experience with academic writing spans eight years at four different universities in Canada and Germany, culminating in a Master of Arts in Transnational and Comparative Literatures. I have interdisciplinary experience across the humanities and social sciences, with focus areas in central European history, German language and literature, and translation studies.

As a subscriber to translation theorist Hans Vermeer's thinking, I believe that the approach in translation is best determined by the skopos of the text. In academic translation, fluency and readability in the target language retain some importance, but take second rung to consistency with the source text: the ideas and context are the critical elements, not so much the flow and style.


My standard approach here, as with literary translation, is to navigate a careful middle road between foreignization and domestication, but in this case leaning toward the former. If sacrifices are to be made, they will be at the expense of the target language, retaining semantic consistency with the source text as far as is possible across the linguo-cultural divide.

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