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How do I contact you?

The best way is through email. Also feel free to connect with me through and LinkedIn, or give me a call at +1 780 293 3941.

How fast can I get a quote?

I normally respond the same day (local time here in Edmonton). If it is a weekend or Canadian holiday, I will respond the next business day.

Where are you located?

I am based in Edmonton, the capital city of the province of Alberta, in western Canada. The local time zone is Mountain Time (UTC -07:00).

What is your process for completing a translation?

My focus is on producing the best possible quality in my translations. To that end, I carry out the following 4-step process for each project:

  1. Initial read-through → This helps to get an overview of and feel for the text.

  2. First draft translation → This stage is about hammering out the initial translation, including extensive research of terminology, cultural/historical references, etc.

  3. Second draft translation → The focus here is on thoroughly cross-checking my initial draft against the source text, to ensure accuracy and consistency.

  4. Review and editing → In this step, I comb through the translated text in the target language alone to ensure natural-sounding language and flow.

How do you calculate the cost of a translation project?

The industry standard is to quote based on source text words. In central Europe, it is also common to quote based on target text lines. A 'standard line' is defined as 55 characters, including spaces. 


An initial estimate can be given based on provided word counts. The final quote is issued after receipt of the documents to be translated. The count is calculated via software, while the rate is determined based on various characteristics of the text.

Factors that can affect the pricing of a translation project include complexity of the text, non-standard file formats, and quick turnaround times. See 'Rates', below, for additional information on pricing.

What are your rates?

My standard rates for German to English translation are € 0.12 per source word or € 1.05 per target line. These rates are based on the 4-step process outlined above, with a normal level of complexity and a standard timeline for completion. For quick turnarounds, highly complex texts, or large volumes, please contact me to negotiate a final rate.


For projects that do not lend themselves well to a per-word or per-line charge, an hourly rate of € 35 is also available. This method is used for things like proofreading, editing previous translations, or for highly figurative or complex forms of literature (e.g. poetry). A per-hour surcharge can also be added to a project for source files using non-standard file formats, such as non-text PDFs, to defray the costs of extra processing or specialized software.

Is there a minimum charge?

Due to the overhead involved with quoting, filing, initial setup, invoicing, and so on, there is a minimum charge equal to my standard hourly rate (€ 35). 

If you have multiple small projects that you need translated over a short time span, they can be combined into a single larger project to avoid repeatedly incurring the minimum charge.

What is your payment term for invoices?

As a standard practice, an invoice will be sent along with the files upon completion of the project. Payment is due 30 days thereafter. For larger projects, an advance and/or installment payments may be required.

What payment methods do you accept?

My preferred payment method for European clients is via SEPA bank transfer. I also accept payments through PayPal.

What is your translation experience?

I have been translating professionally for 3 years and also have a master's degree in translation, which provided me with many additional years of closely monitored translation practice. My experience with the German language comprises over 10 years of intensive usage and study, including 3 years living in Germany. Prior to becoming a translator, I acquired 18 years of experience in various other industries. This background equips me with additional insight and context as a translator. 


For more information on my experience and qualifications, please refer to the page Why Choose Me?.