Why Choose Me?

3 years as a professional translator, 10 years of German language experience

Master's Degree in Translation

The translation industry is largely unregulated, with few guarantees regarding a translator's abilities. My skill set and competence as a translator have been thoroughly proven by leading experts in the field. I received five scholarships for academic excellence over the course of my university career.


German Language Experience

I began a very enthusiastic study of the German language in 2009. Soon after, I dived in headlong and moved to Germany, where I lived for a total of 3 years. My language skills were put to the test when I successfully completed the DSH examinations at Heidelberg University.


Deep Cultural Understanding

My undergraduate studies focused on German history, language, and literature, and included numerous field trips to important historical locations in Germany. Aside from that, I have been a passionate consumer of books, films, and information about Germany for more than two decades.


Top-Notch English Writing Skills

A good translator needs to not only understand the nuances of the texts they read, but also to be able to express these ideas with finesse and creativity in their native language. I've been winning accolades for my writing since my school days, where I achieved a rare perfect score on the provincial Grade 12 examination in writing.

Wide-Ranging Professional Experience

I have worked in numerous industries, including second language teaching, academic publishing, restaurants, retail, manufacturing, and home automation. This diversity of experience aids me in my translation work, lending me deeper insight into a broad range of topics.


Proven Leadership and Organizational Abilities

My organization and communication skills have been honed by the 6 years I spent in various management positions prior to becoming a translator. These positions included site manager for an ESL program in Toronto and area operations manager for a leading home automation firm.